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Thank you for your response. I don't have that text file in my files...where could I download it?

UPDATE: Never mind, I found the text file. Hopefully I can understand how to accomplish what I want.
Redigeret af afoster d. 30-10-2020 20:09
Perfect, Based on previous threads, I anticipate, that you will be seriously challenged. I do not have the time and the focus to support. Unfortunately. Hope that you find a solution...
Yep, you're right. It is over my head. I have a friend who does some coding that may be able to figure it our however.
I am having trouble getting the autonews infusion to work on version 8.00.60 of php-fusion. The panel has the following lines: (can't upload a screen shot)

Status: Waiting
Last chunk: never
Last Sched: 6 Nov 8:20
Last Actual: Never
Next send: Asap

Can anyone tell me where I need to look to find the error?
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